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The Beautiful Truth

Men and women all over the world sign up to the myth that big is better when it comes to breasts. However, in this dream of big buxom breasts, the women are smiling whilst they sit or stand up straight. They are often wearing beautiful bikini tops. And the breasts that are barely hidden beneath said bikini tops sit high up on their chests. In many cases, this is because those breasts have had a little cosmetic help along the way. The reality for women who have had to deal with naturally large bosoms is completely different. Firstly, women with large breasts suffer terribly with back and neck ache, so much so that it affects their posture. A hunched over lady is rarely featured in a swimwear magazine. Secondly, finding tops to cater for a large chest can be an arduous job that saps all the fun out of shopping. Having to buy shapeless over-sized t-shirts is no fun for anyone and the look will never make the cover of Vogue. This is before we even consider the expense of having to order special bras to accommodate large breasts. With large, heavy breasts, most women will be hard pushed to find a bikini top that is able to give them the support they need, let alone like it enough to have their photograph taken in it. And lastly, the bigger they are, the harder they fall. Or sag in this case. So there it is. The not so beautiful truth of large breasts.

Help is at Hand

So what are the options for women who no longer want to put up with the curse of big bosoms? Well the most traditional method is breast reduction surgery. After a heavy dose of general anesthetic, which may or may not make the patient vomit or have a more serious allergic reaction, the breast is cut into. Fat is sucked out, skin is cut loose, and then the breasts are heaved up to a higher position on the chest. After that, the patient is stitched up and allowed to recover with medication to try to help with the pain. And the breasts will have scars as a permanent reminder of the ordeal. We won’t mention the fact that if something goes wrong with the surgery you could be looking at uneven breasts – at the very least!

Another option is exercise. Breasts are made up of fatty tissue, so to burn the fat means less tissue; resulting in smaller breasts. Unfortunately, one of the number one causes of saggy boobs is fluctuation in weight. This can be seen with women who have had children. As their breasts become bigger during pregnancy then reduce in size afterwards, they are often left with sagging breasts. Also, the weight will be lost all over the body, not just in the chest region. This means continued disproportion of the body.

The third proven method of breast reduction is to use Alexaderm Breast Reduction and Contouring Cream. Our team of experts have looked at the makeup of breast tissue and taken the very best natural ingredients that improve the shape, size and firmness of breasts. By massaging the cream into the breasts each day, you can have smaller, perkier breasts that complement your figure, adding proportion to your body and look great with or without clothes! There is no intrusive surgery or scars. No pain. No sagging. Just beautifully sexy, natural breasts.

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